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    SO, SA & VOR Primers

    List of Primers for federal and Ontario Supply Arrangements, Standing Offers and Vendor of Record Arrangements

    Keeping track of all the key Standing Offers (SOs), Supply Arrangements (SAs) and Vendor of Record (VOR) arrangements that are essential to doing business with the public sector can be challenging. To assist companies and individuals determine which contract vehicles are right for them and if they qualify, The Proposal Centre has prepared a number of Primers that highlight key contract vehicle details.

    This page provides a summary of the Primers that have been prepared (or are in the process of being prepared) to help demystify key SOs, SAs, and VORs in the Canadian public sector. Over time, we will include additional Primers to cover a broader range of organizations and industries.

    The Proposal Centre welcomes suggestions on industries, jurisdictions and organizations that you’d like us to include in our Primer series. Please Contact Us to make your request.

    Be sure to check this page often to see what’s new.


    The primers listed below are available or in progress. Please keep in mind the following terminology:

    • Refresh denotes a solicitation where new vendors can submit a proposal to qualify and existing vendors can submit a proposal to expand their qualifications. In most cases, existing vendors do not need to submit a proposal to continue providing services at this time. In some cases, the refresh remains open for multiple bidding periods.
    • Renewal denotes a solicitation that requires all existing vendors to submit a proposal to renew their qualifications. During a renewal new vendors can also submit a proposal to qualify, and existing vendors can submit a proposal to expand their qualifications. For Standing Offers, and some Vendor of Record arrangements, renewals also provide the opportunity to update proposed rates.

    Government of Canada Primers

    • PWGSC ProServices SA (Closed – Next Refresh anticipated for Spring 2018)
      IT (TBIPS) and Non-IT (TSPS Task-Based, Alternative Dispute Resolution Services) Professional Services for contracts under $106,000
    • PWGSC TSPS Task-Based SO and SA (Open – SA Refresh – Next Due Date: March 29, 2018)
      Task-Based Non-IT Professional Services such as Human Resources Management; Management Consulting; Business Consulting; Organizational Development; Change Management; Evaluation and Performance Measurement; Non-IT Project Management; Real Property Project Management; and Technical, Engineering and Maintenance Services (TEMS).
    • PWGSC TSPS Solutions-Based SA (Open – Refresh – Next Due Date: March 29, 2018)
      Solutions-Based Non-IT Professional Services (See list above)
    • PWGSC TBIPS SO and SA (Open – Refresh – Next Due Date: March 29, 2018)
      Task-Based Informatics Professional Services
    • PWGSC SBIPS SA (Open – Refresh – Next Due Date: March 29, 2018)
      Solutions-Based Informatics Professional Services
    • PWGSC Learning Services SO and SA (Open – SA Refresh – Next Due Date: April 13, 2018)
      Planning, design, development and delivery of traditional classroom learning, blended learning, and eLearning products
    • PWGSC PASS SA (Closed – Next Posting Date: Unknown)
      Professional Audit and Support Services

    Government of Ontario Primers

    • Ontario MGCS Management Consulting Services VOR (Open – Replacement – Due Date: March 1, 2018)
      A wide range of management consulting-related services such as Performance Management, Business Process Consulting, Effectiveness, Transformation, Procurement, Program Management, Project Management, Strategic Management and Planning
    • Ontario MGCS Task-Based Information and Information Technology (I&IT) VOR (Closed – Replacement scheduled for 2018)
      Task-Based IT Professional Services. Replacement to be renamed On-Demand IT Services.
    • Ontario MGCS Solutions-Based I&IT VOR (Closed – Replacement scheduled for October 2018) – PRIMER NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.
      Solutions-Based IT Professional Services
    • Ontario MGCS Learning and Training Services (Closed – Next refresh anticipated for Early 2018) – PRIMER NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.
      Learning and Training Services for the Ontario Public Services (OPS) which includes the following categories: Leadership Development Programming, General Programming, Digital Learning, Communications Courses Programming and General IT Learning and Training Services.