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    New Online Learning Tool for Company Security Officers and Applicants

    Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) has created a new online learning tool to assist Company Security Officers and applicants in completing the TBS screening forms for the PSPC Contract Security Program. The tool includes three short videos to help you complete the TBS/SCT 330-23 Personnel Screening, Consent and Authorization Form and the TBS/SCT 330-60 Security Clearance Form. The videos are intended to

    • Reduce the chances of submitting incomplete or improperly filled personnel security clearance requests
    • Provide a quick and easy instructional tool you can share with your employees that are applying for a new or a renewed personnel security clearance

    The videos can be accessed through Public Services and Procurement Canada’s Training videos website and on the Public Services and Procurement Canada You Tube channel. All videos have been designed to be accessible to visually and hearing-impaired employees.

    To further assist you, in addition to the videos, PSPC has created a new Contract Security Resources page, containing the Contract Security Program Roadmap Toolkit, as well as the Website navigation tool.

    Your feedback is invited. To provide feedback, please email: SSIDSICSensibilisation.ISSCISDOutreach@tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca.


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