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    Primer: PWGSC ProServices Supply Arrangement

    The Government of Canada purchases professional services primarily through contract vehicles such as standing offers (SO) and supply arrangements (SA). In some cases, the use of a standing offer or supply arrangement is mandatory.

    For professional services contracts under the $106,000, the ProServices SA is an essential contract vehicle and will be for years to come.

    ProServices: Professional Services Contracts under $106,000: Qualify for Contracts for IT and Non-IT Professional Services  [Closed – Next SA Refresh Opportunity anticipated for Spring 2018]
    The ProServices Supply Arrangement is a mandatory procurement tool for most purchases of professional services under the NAFTA threshold ($106,000 from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2019). In 2014, ProServices replaced PS Online for contracts under the NAFTA threshold.

    ProServices is based on three other Government of Canada methods of supply:

    TBIPS SA and TSPS Task-Based SA are two of several methods of supply used for contracts valued above the NAFTA threshold.

    Types of Services to be Purchased under ProServices
    ProServices includes both IT and non-IT streams, as follows:

    IT Streams (based on TBIPS SA)

    • Stream 1 (A) – Application Services
    • Stream 2 (G) – Geomatics Services
    • Stream 3 (I) – IM/IT Services
    • Stream 4 (B) – Business Services
    • Stream 5 (P) – Project Management Services
    • Stream 6 (C) – Cyber Protection Services/IT Security Services
    • Stream 7 (T) – Telecommunications Services

    Non-IT Streams (based on TSPS Task-Based SA)

    • Stream 8 – Human Resources Services
    • Stream 9 – Business Consulting/Change Management
    • Stream 10 – Project Management Services
    • Stream 11 – Real Property Project Management Services
    • Stream 12 – Technical, Engineering and Maintenance Services

    Additional Non-IT Streams (based on ADR SO)

    • Stream 13 – Alternative Dispute Resolutions Services

    Each stream contains multiple categories (i.e., specific types of resources). A full listing of all the streams and categories included in ProServices can be found in our TPC Overview – PWGSC ProServices SA (2018-01).

    ProServices is an essential contract vehicle to hold if you wish to provide services to the Government of Canada in any of the professional services areas listed above.

    To qualify for ProServices, you must respond to and comply with the ProServices Request for Supply Arrangement (RFSA).

    Highlights of the ProServices Request for Supply Arrangement
    ProServices is currently closed for bids. A refresh opportunity is expected to open in Spring 2018.

    Key Requirements

    • 1 year in business
    • A reference client contact for categories you have supplied in the past 5 years. Only basic client contact and project information are required – detailed project write-ups are NOT required. Bidders can submit to qualify in as little as one category.

    A proposal requires both an email submission (to be provided when requested) and the entry of data into the Centralized Professional Services System (CPSS).

    Government of Canada Security Clearances
    In addition to the requirements noted above, suppliers need to obtain a minimum of a Designated Organization Screening (DOS) security clearance. This is an organization clearance, which is separate from personal security clearances.

    Suppliers may submit a bid for ProServices without holding a security clearance, but will not be awarded a supply arrangement until their clearance is granted. As soon as possible (even before submitting a bid), suppliers who do not yet hold a DOS (or higher) organization clearance should request sponsorship from the ProServices SA Authority to start the clearance process.

    [N.B. DOS organization clearance is essential for all firms providing services under government contracts, even for organizations who are subcontractors/independent contractors working for a larger firm]

    Relationship to TSPS and TBIPS
    As noted above, ProServices is based on the TSPS and TBIPS methods of supply. The TSPS Task-Based SA and the TBIPS SA are for contracts valued above the NAFTA threshold. There are also the TSPS Task-Based SO and the TBIPS SO which are based solely on a right of first refusal method (ranked by lowest price) and can be used for any size contract.

    Suppliers who currently hold, or who are bidding on TSPS task-based or TBIPS methods of supply, are able to “grandfather” their TSPS Task-Based and TBIPS categories onto ProServices.

    Related Methods of Supply
    ProServices is one of several methods of supply used by the Government of Canada to purchase professional services. Please see our overview of the different methods of supply for more information.

    Additional Information and Support

    We’re here to help! If you have any questions about the ProServices Supply Arrangement, doing business with the federal government, or doing business with any public sector organization, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.  We would be very happy to answer your questions. We have even created a special package to support you with your submission. Contact Us today for more details.

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