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    [ARCHIVED] Primer: Ontario MGCS Management Consulting Services VOR

    [ARCHIVED February 6, 2018 – This page will no longer be updated. Please see http://www.theproposalcentre.ca/wp-blog/list-of-primers/ for current information on key Government of Canada and Government of Ontario contract vehicles]

    The Government of Ontario, Ministry of Government and Consumer Services (MGCS) purchases management consulting services through a Vendor of Record (VOR) Arrangement. The VOR is similar to a Supply Arrangement and is used by all Government of Ontario ministries and other entities to procure a range of management consulting services.

    Ontario Management Consulting Services (MCS) Vendor of Record (VOR): Qualify for opportunities to provide Management Consulting Services to the Ontario Public Service [Currently closed – Replacement anticipated for November 2017]

    [N.B. This primer provides information on the current Management Consulting Services VOR. The extent to which the replacement VOR will be similar is unknown at this time.]

    This VOR is mandatory for Ontario Government ministries and for Ontario Public Service (OPS) entities who wish to obtain professional services in the categories listed below. It is optional for Provincially Funded Organizations (which include but are not limited to municipalities, hospitals, and school boards).

    As defined in the RFP:“Management consulting services offered through the MCS VOR Arrangement may relate to developing and implementing transformation strategies by analysing existing business problems, aligning strategy and priorities to business objectives and developing plans for improvement.”

    The MCS VOR is organized according to the following service categories:

    1. Business Metrics, Performance Management and Process Improvement Services
    2. Business Process Assessment and Integration Services
    3. Organizational Effectiveness Services
    4. Organizational Transformation Services
    5. Procurement Services
    6. Program Management Services
    7. Project Management Services
    8. Strategic Management and Planning Services

    A full listing of all the service categories and roles included in the current MCS VOR can be found in our TPC Overview – Ontario MCS VOR (2017-01)

    To qualify for the MCS VOR you must respond to and comply with the Management Consulting Services VOR RFP, which can be obtained from the Ontario BravoSolution electronic tendering system.

    Highlights of the Management Consulting Services (MCS) VOR RFP

    The MCS VOR is currently closed for bids. A replacement VOR posting is anticipated for November 2017.

    The current MCS VOR was established in 2014 and will be in effect until June 15, 2018.   During the Refresh periods, new vendors can apply to become qualified vendors and existing VOR holders can apply to qualify for additional roles.

    Vendors Must Qualify by Role
    The current VOR qualifies companies according to roles. To bid on the VOR, you are required to demonstrate experience in each proposed role. As a supplier, you can supply services related to your qualified roles within any of the eight service categories.

    The roles include:

    1. Business Continuity Planning/Disaster Recovery Planning (BCP/DRP) Specialist
    2. Business Risk Management Specialist
    3. Business Transformation/Process Improvement Specialist
    4. General Consultant
    5. Fairness Commissioner
    6. Financial Analyst
    7. Functional Classification Specialist
    8. Organizational Effectiveness Specialist
    9. Organizational Transformation Capacity Consultant
    10. Organizational Transformation Consultant
    11. Procurement Specialist
    12. Project Analyst/Coordinator
    13. Project Manager/Lead
    14. Project Management Advisor/Consultant/Specialist
    15. Research Analyst
    16. Strategic Advisor
    17. Strategic Provincial Entity Review Specialist NEW!
    18. Strategic Public Engagement Specialist NEW!

    Key Requirements for New Vendors
    In addition to completing and signing the Form of Offer along with other mandatory requirements, new vendors must provide detailed responses to the following key criteria:

    • Resources Plan: The resources plan must address 10 questions about the vendor’s resource management processes and policies. Answers are rated. To pass, vendors must score a minimum of 60%.
    • Project Profile/References: For each role proposed, vendors must provide two project profiles. The project profiles must demonstrate that the project experience is related to the role proposed. Projects must have been completed between June 1, 2009 and the bid closing date. A project can be used for a maximum of three roles.Detailed information is required about the work performed and the methodologies used. As well, the client reference must review and sign off on the completed forms for each project profile, and then return the forms to the vendor for inclusion in the proposal. (Remember to allow enough time for this to happen.)The project profiles are rated. To pass, vendors must score a minimum of 70%.

    There is no financial component to the evaluation at this time. Financial proposals will form part of the response to Requests for Services (RFS) and be a factor in the evaluation of vendor responses. Management Consulting Services VOR projects are performed on a fixed-price basis.

    Key Requirement for Existing Vendors
    Existing 2014 MCS VOR vendors (or vendors added during subsequent Refresh opportunities) are not required to submit a proposal at this time.  Vendors who wish to qualify for additional roles may submit a proposal comprised of the Form of Offer and the Project Profiles/References as described above. Project Profiles/Reference Forms are required only for the additional roles.

    2011 MCS VOR vendors who have not yet qualified for the 2014 MCS VOR may be eligible to use the attestation process.

    Additional Information and Support
    We’re here to help! If you have any questions about the Management Consulting Services VOR, doing business with the provincial government, or doing business with any public sector organization, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.  We would be very happy to answer your questions. We have even created a special package to support you with your submission. Contact Us today for more details.

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