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    [ARCHIVED] Ontario Government seeks Tendering Services Provider – Will this lead to improvements?

    December 4, 2012

    [ARCHIVED August 2, 2016 – This page will no longer be updated. Please see http://www.theproposalcentre.ca/wp-blog/list-of-primers/ for current information on key Government of Canada and Government of Ontario contract vehicles]

    Posted this morning to MERX is a call for comments on a draft RFP to provide electronic tendering services.  It is of course ironic that MERX and all its competitors will need to download the RFP from MERX in order to view it and eventually bid on it.

    Here’s hoping that this will lead to usability improvements and client-friendly features like free receipt of amendments by email, better search capabilities, and social media share features.  Will MERX improve or is this a chance for someone to come in an put a chink in MERX’ armour?

    With the Federal Government itself going to tender on a new electronic tendering service in the next year or two, big changes could be underway, or at least we can hope!